This women is confusing

So, I met this girl on a dating site. She's an amazing person. I love everything about her. She's successful, inspiring and carries herself very well. Anyway, we met around Thanksgiving (2012). We hit it off..then I found out she has this "guy" that she has a long history with, friends for a long time, dated and she broke up with him. She still is friends with him, goes over his house. They are still very close. But she doesn't want to be with him. They are friends still and have a business together. I've asked if she would go out with me officially and she told me she needs to focus on her self and her son (4) yrs. figure out some it gets really interesting. She contacts me and asked if I was OK with casual you know what happened there, of course yes it happened. So, after "that" she let her walls down, and I saw the true her...she has been very hurt in the past so she puts up emotional walls. So the walls came down and looked at me and said "I'm so scared of falling for you". Walls went back and now she's avoided me since Valentine's day (3 weeks). She will talk to me on her way home from work, that's it. And she will call me every morning but does not want to see me.. What the hell do I do help? We talked today because when she was texting me I seemed very shut off. She never calls me like that. And yes I did distended my self from her today.


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  • Simply give her the time and space to think through things over.

    It's good that she's calling you every morning, because she really likes you.

    Through time, those walls she put up will slowly crumble.