How do I get him to open up and why won't he open up to me?

This guy I have known for quite some time will email me from time to time asking how I am doing. At one time we were talking quite often but I got upset with him cause he started saying sexual things and truthfully I would not have started talking to him but he emailed me again. It seems like he just can't let me go. If we don't talk for a while he will email me again. This has been going on over a year...He does have a girlfriend. And he tells me he loves her but than why is he emailing me. And when he emails or we talk he will not admit he has a thing for me, he talks about anything and everything but if it comes to the subject of how he feels for me, nothing. He will not address it. He will just pretend it wasn't said and talk about other things. It is obvious he has a thing for me. How do I get him to open up and why won't he open up to me? What is he afraid of?


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  • He will open up in time.


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