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Why do the good girls always end up broken-hearted?

I have been always the one who stresses things in the relationship and I would love tips to build my confidence.

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  • yep. I'm a good girl and I had my heart broken by 2 jerk faces and a few more. idk, because those guys are garbage and I'm goign to find someone better. that's my mentalitymove forward, forget garbage, find a better boyfriend or focus on yourself-that's what I've done so...i can tell you it works. just be more confident, maybe buy a few outfits and just go out there

    • Thanks girl!

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  • good girls end up being broken hearted? hmmgood girls are just too innnocent and loving that guys (dumb guys) take them for granted.good girls are loving patient humble affectionate.the guys that break their hearts are insensitive, bored, selfish, but could be genuinely kind...does that make sense?

    • Yea its pretty clear

  • Firstly almost every girl considers themselves a good girl, whether it be true or not. You're probably easily taken advantage of and you don't think with your head when picking a guy.

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  • because their pushovers/ too nice

    • Who is a push over?

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