Why does my ex-boyfriend drunk text me when he has a new girlfriend?

My ex and I broke up 4 months ago. He left me to be with a girl, his new gf, he was seeing while we were together, however he never told me the truth and blamed me why things didn't work out between us.I found out weeks later about his cheating. He has texted me 3 times since we broke up and he can be mean to me. Why is he doing this? I haven't contacted him once since we broke up and I know he reads my updates on twitter and I noticed that when I don't update twitter he texts me...why does he need to know what's going on in my life? what does he want from me? I just want him to regret his decision and realize what he lost...will he ever regret? thanks


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  • If I were you, I wouldn't care one whit what he thinks. He cheated on you, then left you for another woman, and this gives you all the information you need to know. At best he's emotionally unstable, at worst he's...well, he's an unfaithful bad memory. At least that's what I suggest you make of him. Move on. You deserve to be cherished, and with this always comes respect.


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  • You'll probably never get the closure you seek. Drunk dudes make bad moves. Just ignore the texts altogether. Never ever ever ever ever respond. It would be best if you just delete them upon receipt. He made his choice and you're only torturing yourself with this... which is exactly what he wants.

    • Ur right...but why does he need to hurt me? I wasn't the one who cheated and ended the relationship...did he expect me to to say how much I miss and love him? NOT GONNA HAPPEN! it kinda shows me how much he respects this girl...do you think in some way he's regretting his decision? I mean the boy even wished me a happy birthday and then acts likes a jerk when he texts me? is he just crazy?

    • Couldn't say why. The only thing you can be sure of is that everything he says and does is for his benefit, not hers and not yours. Maybe he's reacting out of guilt, remorse, regret, or more likely just to feed his ego. And every response you give fees it more. Just ignore him. In time, the truth of why will be more clear.

    • Thx...well they say what goes around comes around and maybe he'll get what he deseres

  • He's being immature and most likely feels guilty. He trying to excape forgiveness and sooner or later he will need to grow up. So males never do though

  • He has a guilty conscious and wants to start a fight just so he can clear up some stuff. Clearly he is unhappy with his decesion to cheat, so he is going back to what he had, and abeit the wrong way, this dude is just immature and can't admit he was wrong. he wants you to feel bad for the way it all ended and wants you to want him...

  • people do all sorts of stupid things when their intoxicated

  • Because he still is soo in love with you... or he is stalking you. Get him back post his drunk texts and picture on Drunktext.net. Its actually the best site out there. Not only can you post the texts in real time but you can post pics and put people on blast in real time! it looks like a new site though it is on the first page of google search. I found it the other day and from what I understand they are promoting it big time in south florida. Heard it on the radio the other day! check it out!

  • I don't understand why Finnish people keep somekind of relationship even after breaking up(not in this case) usually. They can be good friend even after break-up. I don't think this is genuine decision what they make. Because it doesn't sounds good to call and meet with ex even being with some one else. And I have noticed that this is too common case in Finland.

    How the new boyfriend can believe his girl friend if she is chatting ,calling or meeting with her ex, if the new boy-bf is from some other culture.

    Any way in my opinion..you can't trust them if they are doing so.


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  • stop texting him. if he texts you, no matter how hard it is. DON'T text him back! he will start to understand that you don't want to talk to him. However, if he Only drunk texts you, then he prly will not learn a lesson becuase he doesn't always text you "on purpose". it is hard. I know but you really just have to stick to your gums.

  • He's just being an ass. You guys broke up, but he wants to see that you're sad that it happened. Block him from everything and ignore him.

  • I think he's doing that because it's either he misses you and feels horrible deep down or he just regrets what he did (deep deep down). Your better of without him though, don't go back.

  • Of course he will, why is he on your twitter though?

    When he fights with his now girlfriend, he texts you to feel better about himself obviously because maybe he knows you're still hung up on him.

    It's also obvious he's unhappy in his now relationship... he's just doing it to build himself up.

    Change your number or get a new bf, that'll keep the stupid b*stard away and make him regret.

    But why should you get even?