GUYS-after a break-up, do you ever think about your ex?

It's been 7 months since my boyfriend of 9 years left me...i was just wondering if he ever thinks about me...does he see or hear or smell things that remind him of me, does he lay in bed thinking and I cross his mind, does he ever wonder what might have been, does he compare his new girlfriend to me, does he ever wonder if it was the right choice? I am just curious because it seems everywhere and everything I do is somehow a reminder of him. He now has a new girlfriend and has moved on but 9 years I wouldn't think is just something you could erase even in 7 months...we spent (give or take) 3285 days together vs 217 days broken it possible to not love me or forget me in that amount of time...even if he tries to?


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  • That which forms our realty is not based on what will happen in the future but what has happened in the past. We could no easier forget who we are then forget what has brought us here.


    • So that is a yes he does think about

    • Sorry I was in a poetic mood. lol.

      Yes he most certainly thinks about you. Whether his thoughts are pertaining to the good times or the bad, I cannot say, but he hasn't forgotten you. You've helped shape him into who he is today.

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  • Guarantee that he dose all of those things, and on a regular basis. There is now was after 9 years he dosen't. I'm sure he hasn't erased you, this new "girlfriend" probably something to take you and any regret off his mind... I was with my girlfriend for only 5 months, and I think of her all the time, essentially in every why you have described, I'm looking for ways to, not forget, but suppress those thoughts. I'm sure he still loves you, he can't forget that. I know I wouldn't be able to.

  • I can't answer you. Unfortunately I am going through a rather intense break-up myself. But yes, I do think of/about her.


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  • Of course he still thinks about him you were with him for 9 years. My ex left me 8 months ago after 8 years together and he must still think about me - I mean you cannot erase 8 years together.

    I know how you feel, everything you do reminds you of him, everything you see - its really hard.

    for example, I can be shopping in a supermarket and I'll see his favourite Ice Cream etc, and there we go again he's in my head. The most stupid sh*t still reminds me of him.

    The same as me he is with someone else and I'm still single and not ready for a relationship but do you know I think I'm doing it the right way - completely getting him out of my system.

    It's been the worst 8 months ever but I'm sure one day we will get our time to shine x x x x x x x

  • I am positive that he will never can forget about you except if he got alzheimer :P

    You have somehow affected him for those 9 years. Good and bad times etc. but there is a difference between people who can let go of their past and people who still live in their past. He's moving on now, he let go of his past with you. He accept the reality that he's not with you anymore and probably never will just because maybe you two grew apart, fight a lot, etc, you name it. The bottom line is, he wants a change and he seems to achieve that now in his life. You should move on as well, no matter how long it will take you to get over him but you say to yourself that you will! It took me a year to get over my first ex, 7 months for the second one.