I backed off, now he's back in my life, nicer then ever! confused!

A met a gorgeous guy in the summer, we were flirting and meeting up for 2 months, we both liked each other very much. I went on holiday for 2 weeks, we spoke for a week ,then I heard nothing from him, finally we spoke and he said he likes me but feels guilty turns out he had a girlfriend, I said I would back off he said it is what he wants, a month as gone by we exchanged a few texts just friendly ones, maybe one a week. anyway since Friday he contacted me via text we both had been drinking and the texts got very flirty, then he said I should forget about what he's said it was nothing! I just replied I get ya! since then he as texted me everyday asking questions telling me what he's up to etc being a little flirty but I've been ignoring is attempts to corrupt me, I don't know what he wants is he just bored, does he like me, or just being friendly.


Most Helpful Guy

  • He finds you attractive because you are maintaining tension by being resistant to what he is wanting. My advice is to tell him bluntly how you feel. If you like him, keep in mind he already was emotionally flirting with you while in a relationship - what means he won't do it to you with another woman?

    I hope everything is sorted out soon. If I can clarify anything at all, let me know~