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I backed off, now he's back in my life, nicer then ever! confused!

A met a gorgeous guy in the summer, we were flirting and meeting up for 2 months, we both liked each other very much. I went on holiday for 2 weeks,... Show More

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  • He finds you attractive because you are maintaining tension by being resistant to what he is wanting. My advice is to tell him bluntly how you feel. If you like him, keep in mind he already was emotionally flirting with you while in a relationship - what means he won't do it to you with another woman?I hope everything is sorted out soon. If I can clarify anything at all, let me know~ArtistBBoy

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  • your story sounds so famailar, probably cause same sh*t happened to me this summer. I still talk to the guy, he does have his girlfriend still; and I'm suppose to see him this weekend. The people can tell you not to waste your time, but.. if you feel for someone, its hard to ignore them right? just be straight with him and all you can really do is take his word, its all about trust from this point. he may actually like you which is why he came back.

  • Sounds like he wants to flirt with you and possibly do more with no strings attached. I would stop talking to him. a. you didn't know he had a girlfriend to begin with so he probably doesn';t have a problem with that sort of sneaking around and b. he told you to forget about things. People say actions speak louder than words...well in this case if the guy who is coupled up is telling you he is uninterested and continually flirting, it is nothing more then a boost for his ego. Ditch him.

    • I agree with rachi123, it's not worth the time that you spending here questioning his actions. You can have your own man and deal with own drama rather than get mixed up in this situation and share someone else's drama. He has a girlfriend, enough said... keep it movin! Peace & Love!

    • I totally agree with her, she's right he just wants to play both sides but in this case you've got him right where you need it to be in order to let it go before someone gets hurt. best of luck

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