Should I stay with my cheating girlfriend?

OK, me and my girl found out that she might be pregnant, she took a test and it showed negative so we had like a party that lasted like 5 days straight. well when we got sh*t faced, she asked if I would let her sleep my friend while I watched...i said no but she did it anyways. I have forgiven her, but I can't decide whether or not to stay with her. when I talked to her, she said part of why she did it is that she grew up in a gang where the girls were passed around like objects used for sex...n she has been passed around since she was 13. I am no gang member, I don't act like it, and I am gentleman who is not afraid to be romantic, sweet, and affectionate. so again, I state my question, should I stay with her? but also, does anyone know why she might have cheated?

btw, here is an update, I'm pretty sure she kept cheatin on me, but I stayed with her and I stayed faithful to her! but she left me, o well! it hurts every day, but its startin to hurt a little worse. I loved her, I really did.


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  • I feel bad for you. It is really hard to be cheated on.

    You asked why she cheated and I can't tell you. No one can. What I can say is that your girlfriend seems to have had a hard life. Often people who have a history of bad sexual stuff (like your girlfriend's experiences with the gang) have a very hard time having normal relationships. Even if they want to have a normal, trusting relationship, it is hard for them to follow through on this. Your girlfriend is very lucky to have a boyfriend like you. You sound like a good, caring, normal guy. Often girls who have had bad experiences with sex end up with horrible guys. So I can't tell you why she cheated, but it might be related to the bad experiences in her past. Or maybe not. Maybe she is like most cheaters and she just doesn't have good self-control.

    You want to know what you should do now. I can't tell you that either. This is a tough situation. Most of the time, I would tell you to end your relationship because people who cheat often do not have good self-control and they end up cheating again. But in this case, your girlfriend is getting over a tough history of bad sexual experiences with the gang members. So maybe you should cut her some slack. If you do choose to stay with her, you should think about the fact that it might not be easy. She has bad experiences to get over and she might not know how to have a normal relationship. So it might be a lot of work for you.

    The bottom line is, this is a tough situation. The easiest thing to do would probably be to end the relationship. But if you really want to be with this girl, then with some work, you might be able to figure things out and have a great relationship. Whatever you decide to do, maybe you should help her find a counsellor to deal with her issues from the past. Good luck!

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      I understand the whole problem with the bad sexual history as I was sexually abused when I was younger, and I will be the first to admit that I was a cheater...but I never had anyone stand beside me. but I do love this girl, and I think she may be the one seeing as we have been through a lot of the same sh*t in life. we both have a bad past, but we both know that we love just makes this situation harder

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      Well, if you decide to stay with her, I would think carefully about how to make things work in the future. Ask yourself if she is making an effort to get over her tough past by getting counselling. Ask yourself if you feel you can trust her. It is great that you are so loyal, but please do make sure that you realize you deserve a girl who will treat you with respect. If this girl does not change her behavior, I would think about moving on. Good luck!