Why does my ex girlfriend not want me back?

hi I been going out with my girlfriend for about a year. we were so close we saw each other everyday. she was very emotional. we had fun times but we had bad times. we never hit each other. we both we always wanting to see each other. until last week I noticed a change after I got upset . that whole week we argued and broke up, it ended with me breaking up and that same day I made I made mistake again and she said she does not want me back, she says she loves be a begged for me not to take her out of her life, I got advices from friends most said it be back just give her space, me and my ex would tell each other everything so I decided to tell her everything, she tells me she misses me she just does not want to be in a relationship. she tells me if I wanna see her its okay but I feel like that make me just want her back more when I see her. I ave cried in front of her and even got to the point of begging her back she tells me she does not like seeing me like this but she does not wanna being a relationship, before this people described her as being obsessed with me and just likes seeing me happy, I took advantage of that, I made argument bigger and complaint so much about her, but deep inside she made me so happy and love her so much, basically every argument we had was because of me a told her ill changed and apologized so many times to the point I was crying and asked her for a second chance to show her I just wanna be happy with her and show her how much love I have for her, supposedly she was always scared to say something to me like how she thought I was wrong on something cause she thought I will get upset. her sister tells me she would cry and I would just be upset and all she would want is to me to be happy, I miss her so much and love her she currently hanging with her friends again she texted be she loves me and tells me good night and stuff she kisses me in the cheek but have not seen her smile in a long time and she sometimes gets mad when I say take me back she says she just needs her space and she tell me what she wants soon . what I wanna know is how does this look like does she look like she will be back with me or its done for good and I should move on and some advice too. thank you

today I come to realize this is not entirely my fault, yes I'm in the wrong for how I been treating the love of my life like this, but she never communicated with me that when I was angry I hurt her emotionally, and that she was scared to make me upset
i saw her today I picked her up from school because I needed to talk to her. she let me kiss her she hold my hands while I was driving . .she told me it be real soon and she said it won't be close to a month but she did not know when. ima give her space


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  • It looks like you just need to back off on the whole dating issues and let her have the time and space she has requested. If you dont, your only hurting the problem more. If she really wants to be back with you, she will in time, but if you keep messing with her about it, your only pushing her away and making her reinforce her opinion on you that your not someone she wants a relation with.


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  • wow yeah, relationships can be so emotional. I'm single right now so I can be impersonal and just being not attached to anyone right now gives me some sort of peace of mind I guess. I think you made the right decision to give her space and let her decide. I would keep busy so I wouldn't think about my significant other constantly ;)

  • look, I pushed my exboyfriend away (we brok eup 2 months ago) and it was all because iw as confused about life and love. I was scared and I wasn't too sure if he was really for me. I was worried that I didn't love hime enough to marry him... so he broke up with me and now I REGRET IT. he was for me and now he doesn't reply to my txt or anything. so just let her do her thing and she will eventually realize what she wants in life and if YOU are what she really wants. people change over time and you jsut have to learn how to adapt. its part of life and believe me it hurts. I'm going through it right now. please let me know what happened.

  • Well I think you really should give her the space then. it sounds like she was just really hurt by you and she thought you would be happier without you and that she is stubborn to take you back because she doesn't know what's going on with her. She may just be trying to evaluate her life. Sometimes it takes a real long time to figure things out just be patient.

  • I wish my ex wanted me back the way you want her back.

    Isn't it such a messsed up circle. FML.


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