He says he still loves me, so why'd he leave me?

My fiance left me the other day and moved all of his things out just this Sunday. He then texted me and asked me to come stay with him! What is this about? Well I went to stay with him and he kept telling how much he loved me and that he didn't want to be with anybody else. The next day I got ready for work and he kissed goodbye and told me he loved me then later that day I texted and told him I loved him and he replied with you can't expect me to say that when were not together, but just yesterday he texted and asked what he needed to work on and then later he came buy to hook up my stereo for me and kissed me goodbye and told me he loved me again.

I am so confused right now. He says he feels the same but he needed to get away.

I might need to add more to my question. Please let me know if I need more!


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  • Did he give any reasons for leaving, or were you both arguing about something before he left? The best thing to do now is talk things out. Let him know you would like to listen to anything that's on his mind, and your desire to work things out and get back together. Also, letting him know you are confused about what is going on is a good thing.

    He proposed to you already, so I doubt he is completely against the idea of staying with you and working things out. Maybe he did need some time to think things through, but at some point he should finish doing that and clue you in!

    • Well we weren't really arguing but we had been having a few issues that day. I went to his parents house when I got off work to ask their advice and make sure I wasn't overreacting and see if they knew how I could bring up the issue without making him upset. Ironic that this would be what upset him. When he got to his parents later that day to see his daughter his mom talked to him about what I had brought up. Then he got mad that I had gone to his parents and told me he would be moving his things

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    • Yes, the best thing to do is let him take this at his pace (within reason). Just don't wait around forever if he can't make up his mind.

    • I agree give him some space and make sure he knows how you feel about it. give it some time if it don't turn around then move on in your own life

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  • Sounds to me like you almost married a flake. Good thing he did all this temper tantrum stuff before your first mortgage bill was due. Go find another guy to date. This is only going to get worse. Congratulations on separating the men from the boys. Now reward yourself with a night of hard drinking with the girls. Then see how you feel about it later.

  • He does sound very confused, you need to sit down and discuss these issues face to face.

  • I sounds to me he has cold feet! And not sure of himself. Tell him just how you feel and ask him straight up What's up with that!

    maybe things are going to fast for him,

    is he good with other commitments like work etc.

    does he like to be in control " be the boss at all times"

    does he act different around his friends?

    • He knows how I feel, I tell him every day. He says he's tired of fighting all the time. He does like to be in control for sure. To tell you the truth that part hadn't really bothered me to much until recently. Most of the time he the same in front of his friends unless we've been in a recent spiff then he kinda acts like he just doesn't care and tries to show off a little with his I'm the boss thing. But yeah he goes to work every day and he's been at this job for two years.

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  • I have a few questions. Does your fiance have problems controlling his temper? Does he get angry about minor things? Does he yell at you when you argue? Do his moods seem to swing between happy and sad for no apparent reason?

  • He has issues and doesn't know what he wants. I know you must be hurting though. How inconsiderate people can b sometimes. They just get up and leave without no explanation. They just go, leaving us behind like that. Well, girl, don't take him back because he'll do it again. He better have a good reason to tell you why he did what he did. He needs to communicate with you so you won't feel rejected. I'm sure you didn't do anything and maybe he isn't sure about getting married but he needs to let you know that.

  • How'd this turn out for you?