How do I know if my boyfriend is cheating on me?

I have received a text not too long ago about my boyfriend cheating on my with one of his ex-girlfriends. The day before my birthday. I got this text from on of his friends. He was at his friends house. So his friend told me that he was touching and kissing his ex. Then my boyfriend asked his friend for a condom. I was so p*ssed it was ridiculous. I thought about it and he doesn't shut up about his ex girlfriends. And I couldn't call him cause he washed his phone. Now, he called me from his sister's phone that night and I asked him about it. He said that he loves me too much that he would never do that to me. I really want to believe him because he's the first real boyfriend I've had. My last boyfriend just wanted sex and sh*t. But now I'm stuck wondering who my current boyfriend wants. I don't think he would tell the truth if he was really cheating but I also don't know for sure if he really is cheating. I don't know who to believe his friend or him. I mean why would that just be brought up yea know? I have my doubts I wanna believe my man over his friend. I'm just so confused. I don't know what to do/


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  • Why did his friend decide to tell you this? Is his friend reliable? Could his friend be lying because he is interested in you and wants to break you up? I would look at how reliable the source is first. If you're unsure then I'd move on to the next person, the girl he supposedly cheated on you with. More then likely she will be honest (maybe), or at least have a conscience and admit if anything went on.

    If the story is confirmed then I think you need to move on. He obviously doesn't love you enough to be monogamous In addition, he failed one of the biggest tests in a relationship- remaining loyal. If you have no trust or respect then you have nothing. Based on my experience, once the trust is gone, you really cannot get it back.

    The choice is yours.


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  • I wouldn't say the person who told you is a friend. Umm "guy code"? So, lets call that person a person who knows your boyfriend. Tough call here. Most guys I know that would do something like this (text that another guy is cheating) is a guy who is interested in you and doesn't like your bf. How does this guy even have your number in the first place? That there tells me he likes you. Sounds more like "your" friend than his...


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  • Have you ever gotten the impression that the friend likes you? If so, then maybe you should consider what greeneyedgal said about the friend maybe wanting you to break up with your boyfriend.

    You should pay attention to your gut feelings... You did say that it has occurred to you that your boyfriend talks about his exes a lot. When you heard from your boyfriend's friend that your boyfriend was with his ex, did you feel surprised? If not, then that might be your gut letting you know that you should be suspicious.

    If I were you, I would lean towards thinking that something did happen with another girl. It would be pretty weird for the friend to make something up. It is hard to tell someone they're being cheated on, so this guy must have felt like what was happening between your boyfriend and his ex was pretty serious. The only way to know for sure though is to have a serious talk with your boyfriend. If you can't trust him, you should dump him because it won't be fun for you to be with someone you can't trust. Good luck.

  • i've never seen a stupider girl than the ones who are not only being cheated on by their bf's, but they are TOLD about it, and still don't believe it. my bestfriend in high school was cheated on for 4 years by her bf, everyone knew about, multiple people told her about it through the years, but she refused to believe em. finally, 4 years later she finds out it was all true... she felt like an idiot, and was incredibly hurt.

    what reason would his friend have to make something like that up? guys usually lie for one another, not make sh*t up to f*ck their friends over. use your brain sweety.

  • His friend couldve been lying, or he could of been just giving you a heads up. Ask him what his alibi was for the time that he was "with his ex" and see what he says. If worst comes to worst, you can always ask the girl, but I would recommend getting out if this is the type of guy he his. I know it's tough with the first love, but sometimes you have to do it for yourself.