Should I break up with him? He talks about/to his ex a lot!

Here is the boyfriend of almost 7 months is still talking to two of his ex-girlfriends. One I understand completely...they dated for 3 years in high school then parted ways around the time of graduation and now after 4 years they're friends...he only talks to her very occasionally.... Show More

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  • Well I get the idea you don't like it much. (and I can't see why he has to have postcards lying around).

    well if youve talked to him about it before and he doesn't listen. Then say you want a break. See how he reacts. Either he's gonna feel sad about it and gonna rethink the situation or he won't respond that much. (meaning maybe his feelings are somewhere else.)

    Of course he might get angry, but that ain't really your problem.

    I think you like him so don't dump him totaly before youve tested him-

    • Thanks, :) I concur.

    • Well good luck :)