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Does my ex mean it when he says he still loves me?

Ok so me and my ex have known each other since 6th grade were about to go to 10th grade. We were separated in seventh grade by a hurricane and we... Show More

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  • I say move on it was old puppy love and I don't think you want to stick with the gut feeling of him making other girl jealous and apparently he moved on with all these ex's he has going on and when he says "i will always love u"to me it sounds like he'll never forget you and a person can tell that stuff to another as a friend c and he has had other girls. I think he is messing with ur emotions and you have to put a stop to that before it gets any worse,u don't have to forget about him you can still stick to being go friends if you want but every time you 2 meet don't let it go any farther you have to respect the fact that he has a girlfriend and he's not showing you respect if he's kissing you and all that stuff.If he's a good guy he'll understand the fact that you just want to be friends if not ur better off with out him . I hope this helps he's a player by all the things he's done stick to being a friend of his if you want but he's not going to change good luck!

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