My ex is acting strange?

My ex was never a normal guy, he was very dense and methodical. He didn't believe in romance such as kissing and had a hard time hugging and holding hands with me. That's pretty much the reason we broke up was over that, I needed more than a friend. Anyways, he wanted to still be friends and I agreed to that, I told him a few days after the breakup I wanted to be friends still and that I was over it and moved on and he just said OK happy to have your friendship. But once this occurred I feel like he has been acting really strange and I feel like he ignores me and won't look me in the eye. Sometimes it feels like he even goes out of his way to avoid me and won't talk to me in person but if I text him every now and again he will act completely normal. And I feel like its just getting worse and he's made up some really lame excuses for y he won't talk to me. Anyways all I wanna know is what you think, why do you think he's acting the way he's acting? Nd please don't tell me not to worry about his actions because I valued my friendship with him and don't ever wanna lose that no matter what, all I wanna know is what's going on with him...

Btw he is the one that broke up with me, we had one fight and we were supposed to work it out but he couldn't deal and had to over think everything which took him a week and then it was over, pretty lame.


Most Helpful Guy

  • wait like two weeks with out texting him...( give him time/space) then text him asking him to go to lunch or something so you guys can talk in person...then when your face to on one..tell him that you do just wanna be friends and that it is very important to you to be friends...make sure he does feel the same way...he might not be over you yet...( that's why I said wait like two weeks without no contact)...if he isn't overyou it might be hard for him to be friends with you already...if he is over you then...,maybe once you guys are on the same page the friendship will work..