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What to do after everything we have been through?

OK, so my boyfriend and I have actually been to hell and back, we have been through so much together I'm surprised we are still together. But there's... Show More

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  • What many girls don't understand is that boys have two sides of a story. Either he likes the other girls he is talking to (or is simply cheating on you), or he's just a nice guy being friendly to girls from his past. You have to make sure that before anything, you don't get jealous. My ex and I who broke up 9 months ago still won't speak to each other because of his psycho nasty girlfriend who flirted with him way too much for the last three months of our relationship. At first, I wanted to kick her ass and make her feel the same way I felt, but then something hit me. He met both of us in our first semester of sophomore year, but he chose me. I "won" him and he decided that he wanted something different because in my opinion, he's too inexperienced to be with one girl for the rest of his life from high school, and he's too much of an asshole to date. His girlfriend is STILL trying to make me jealous even though she's the one with my leftovers. I moved on with a new guy, and I know that she's jealous because she knows that her and my ex are going through the EXACT path him and I went through. You seem like a strong, innocent girl, so take control. Be honest about the way you feel and tell him. If he denies everything and seems to make you feel like sh*t, I wouldn't be surprised if he was cheating or is not interested anymore. You also have to think of yourself before him. Do you even feel the same way about him? Can you honestly see you two improving through time? Don't let him make all of the decisions for the two of you! Take control of the matter! I really hope this helps you =)

    • I always swore before I met him that I wouldn't make anyone my world or anythin, but then I met him and everythin was different. I trust him with my life, I know that sounds silly but I do, its just with certain people I'm abit funny about. And yer I still feel the same about him I love him to bits...but now I'm careful....And I know he loves me just the things weve been through people wouldn't even believe! and he sat there infront of all his family and said I was his one and only

    • I don't know. My ex said things like that to me1. I never want to lose you2.im guna get your lips tatooed on my neck3. When we move in together blah blah blah4. kids names5. ill never break up with youall of these sound so cute, but then if you think about it, he's was setting too many expectations and that's the problem! My boyfriend and I don't set any with each other and were so happy. Besides, I just think that if you really trusted him you would't be confused. Still, I'm glad to help!

  • Honestly, I don't know what to tell you. It is all upto you. People can go through hell and back but in the end some relationships aren't meant to be. Like me I went through hell and back with my ex boyfriend but I ended up ending things with him. I later found out he was talkin to a bunch of girls and ya basically cheating on me. But ya sometimes it isn't worth sticking through stuff it is better just to forget about it and move on. I hope I'm not being too cruel but it's jus the truth. You say you don't want to be hurt but I think there is something going on if a girl and a guy are too close unless the girl is lesbian. Ya if my guy was talkin to other girls like hell and ya I found out I would probably be hurt and ya probably break up with him. Hope this helped good luck

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