How do I know if I am moving fast enough and going to the right level ?

I met this girl at my friends house in the hot tub. the whole night I saw she was giving signs like moving closer to me after every time she got up and came back, and feeling my body and commenting on it quite a bit. at the end of the night I gave her a kiss good-night. and she also took my hat so I would have to see her again.(she admitted this)

but it seemed like she was being very aggressive and I want to make sure that I am moving fast enough and I want to know if I should make out the next night we go out.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree with the comment before me. Obviously if she's the one making most of the moves, it's all good. Trust me, dominant girls like her have no problem when it comes to speaking their minds. If she's not into it, she'll be more than happy to let you know. But, until then, slowly take your physical relationship with her farther and farther until she decides to draw the line. But, if and when she does draw that line, back off. Not completely, but, stay within her comfort zone and whatever you do, DON'T keep trying after she draws the line. Just respect her enough to play by the rules.