WHY WAS I DUMPED? HELPPPPP? I could be a celebrity?

(Read everything) Ok so I was dumped.. I just dont know why. I really loved this guy. When we went to the same school together nobody liked him. No one wanted to be friends with him. But I gave him a chance. And I got to know him and I fell in love with him. And I know he loved me back. Things were great for the first year. But he got mad about me hanging out with other guys and he got really like REALLY jeaulous. He was always trying to make me jeaulous to get back at me. But then I moved to l. a to work on my music career. I was on the show "the voice" however i wasn't on very much. But he's still in high school and we can never see each other. One time i posted a picture on instagram of me and a guy performing. And he got really jeaulous and immediatey thought things were going on between us and he couldnt trust me. So he said he was "sick of my lying" And he said "you know what. Thats it. Im done" he switched schools and I guess girls were all over him and things got in his head and a lot of people at his school know who I am and he was talking shit about me totally ruining my rep. And I just dont see why? I never did anything to him and I TRULY love him. I dont believe another girl can love him as much as I did. But what sucks is he moved on pretty quick but the girl he is dating is really nerdy she doesn't even have a good personality she's a plain jane. Nothing special about her. But what I dont think is fair to her is that while he was dating her he kept begging for me back. And so me being stupid took him back later to find out I was being cheated on and a friend thats friends with him sent me pics of them kissing and stuff. And when I asked him about it he freaked out and dumped me again. Like what? Im not trying to be stuck up but a lot of guys want to date me and I gave him and oppertunity and he just wastes it? And the pain of knowing he's moved on for good now hurts a ton. And it hurts even more because I feel he deserves better than her.


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  • Unless you are addicted to drama, let him go; you don't need this. Focus on your career since that's what is going to define you. I understand not having the guy you love sucks, but you could be like Taylor Swift and he could be an inspiration for a song.

  • You say you moved to LA but how far isnthat away from him? Distance can talk a toll on any relationship. I think that's the main reason. He also seemed to have trust issues. You deserve better than him.


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