Girls, What do I do now?

So one morning I messaged my girlfriend in the morning telling her to have a good da act school and she replied like always but, at shool it seemed like she was avoiding me. Later that day after school she texts me saying that she's not ready for a relationship and sje needs to get herself oranized. She told me that the whole week she was thinking about it and she felt pressured into this relationship. She didn't want to hurt me. I was wondering does she still have feelings for me or is it over?


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  • She is basically saying it's over. Sorry, man. :/

  • It depends on your age. There is a good chance that she is feeling pressured and unsure of her life. I would say that you should pick yourself up and move on.

    • We're both 16

    • I would advise you to move on. She's young, as are you. She needs time to figure herself out, and while she does that, you should build yourself up.