Do you think I'm an asshole for breaking up with my SO after finding out that she takes phychiatric medication and the way I broke up with her?

I broke up with her for that reason only and nothing else.

I didn't break up with her immediately after finding out. I texted her telling her to get ready and I'm going to take her someone where special and that I'll pick her up at a certain time. And then I just never showed up and she kept calling my phone and it was really funny. I texted her breaking up with her 2 hours later. It was funny.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Is this a troll? 😂

    • No, I actually did it, it was funny. I don't deal with physcho people.

    • Well, that's pretty cold, man. Imagine how she felt. She's trying to get better, and then you just do that without any warning.
      Yup, definitely fucked up.

    • Wow, I can't believe you actually gave me mho. Thanks, I guess?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Hahahahahaha fucking brutal!

    I love it. Slut's probably gonna burn your house down though bro.

    • Wow this shows how childish our teens are

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    • Alright, go ahead. Be an ass to everyone on meds.
      Remember this when somebody beats your skinny ass

    • @buttheadkakakak I was just admiring how he did it. I personally love depressed, fucked up, haunted women. One, they're kinky as shit, and two, I like looking into their eyes as we fuck and seeing her pain.

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What Girls Said 12

  • I think you are the one that needs meds. Hope her psychiatric issues aren't that serious and she hasn't killed herself.

  • That's probably the most evil thing I've read. Thank god you dumped her because now she is away from you. I hope she finds someone who appreciates her and cares about her like a real man should. You're a bad guy.

    • Well I don't deal with phycho people. What would you have done?

    • That was the most evil thing you ever read? The most evil thing? So you're saying that Hitler killing 6 million Jews and slavery and other stuff like that wasn't as bad as what I did?

    • Godwins law check'd

  • You aren't an ass-hole for breaking up with her, or the reasons behind ending it, but you are an ass-hole for the way you ended it... and you know it. That was quite a brutal way to end it when you know she has mental health issues. She is probably very vulnerable, and it is cowardly to deliberately harm anyone let alone someone who is in a vulnerable state. It's callous to laugh at other peoples expense,

    My father was Psychiatric Doctor , so i know for a fact that not everyone on meds is a "psyco" .

  • What you did definitely wasn't a nice thing to go about things. Yeah, it was pretty asshole-worth behaviour. More sociopathic, actually. In that you didn't even feel bad in the slightest. Viewed it from a purely outside perspective.

  • The fact you think any of that if funny is remarkably asshole humour

  • Wow, you're heartless. That's just downright cruel. How could you do that to someone? So what if she's on medication to help her? I'm glad she's now rid of you.

  • plot twist: this was done to you.

  • Personally if you think its funny to lead someone on, then intentionally be a no show... Then laugh about it. This just shows your true age. She is better off.

  • Such a sad little troll.

  • Yes you are an asshole

  • That was really douchey of you.
    I'm glad she's rid of you.

  • What the fuck how is that funny

    • How is that not funny?

    • Why would u find hurting someone's feelings funny , you need to grow up. Seems to me your the one with mental health issues normal people don't do this type of shit

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