Should I let my heart heal by itself or should I talk to a counselor? (getting over 1st break up)?

I feel as if he cheated on me emotionally. And all of a sudden hanging out with his friend and the girl and her friends. Prior he told me that she would talk to him and she was being friendly. That perhaps she wanted guy friends. Well my friend sits with them. Clues still don't give a concrete answer. As we dont know or have heard of him hanging out with her alone. When he does hang out with her. His friend (who she flirts with) is with him and her 2 friends. SO I don't know. I feel as if maybe time can heal my wounds but then i feel as a counselor could help in helping me understand why i still believe he cheated on me.


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  • Emotional cheating is the worst! I feel an LCSW would be able to help you provide insight to this issue and help you not be in this situation again

    • Yeah the thing is that i myself dont even know if he did

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    • Yeah i dont think i can get over it myself. I probably will. Thanks

    • 😊👍🏼


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  • Time and space from the situation will heal you. Talking to your friends and parents can help as well. If you feel too depressed or low, I would speak with a counselor so they can help you shuffle through your feelings.

  • I don't see how he emoitionally cheated on you.

    • Well one time i went through his phone since we usually go through each other's phones. I saw a fb message from her and i never read it but i confronted him. I asked him if she was still flirting with his friend and he said yes and also talking with him as well. He told me that she messaged him once and would talk to him at school. I told him since when. he responded several weeks. I told him that i hated when girls like her would meddle in people's relationships. He said that they often talked about me in the first place. Not to be flustered by such women. Then after break up find out he hangs with her along with his friends everytime over the weekend

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    • uhm because your his girlfriend?

    • * was
      Usually it isn't good though. Because her ex was my best guy friend and we always talked. And if it was about her he would always complain about her. I feel like he had feelings for me. i kind of liked him...