How can I deal with this situation?

I was dating this guy, john, for couple of months. He went back to his birth city for Christmas to see his mother. A week before he got back to my city (where he is currently living in) we text very rarely (not like usual). He waited two days after his arrival to text me that he's back in town, we live in the same apartment so i know when he's back.

Long story short, he stopped texting me. It has been almost two weeks now. This is what i want but why does it still hurts? Im starting to miss him these past few days.


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  • you're hurt because you're not a priority.

    • I guess you're right cause i used to be his priority and im not anymore since he got back, thats why it hurts

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    • That's going to prove challenging.

      Whole idea is to eradicate and forget. It'd be in your best interest to find an alternative route home which does not pass his.

    • apartment.

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  • Well if its what you want that helps a little bit. Its natural to miss someone you were close to but it doesn't mean that you are meant to be together

    • I was the one who wanted him to stop texting me cause i know we're a terrible couple. Too many issues in the beginning of the relationship, but I really miss him. It hurts really bad

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    • I know i an but it still feels very hard to move on

    • It is hard, probably one of the hardest things to do. Xx


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  • Well, maybe he doesn't think of you as often as you think of him, that's why he has stopped texting you.

    • Yes just mention the obvious. That does not answer my question.

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    • You obviously don't understand my question

    • Ok, that's fine, no problem. You can say what you want, I don't really care!.


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  • You miss him. Just be understanding he will come to you.

    • He won't, i think he found a new girl