Guys, Letting her go because of her past?

Guys, Letting her go because of her past?


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  • Pick yourself and move, do not force anyone to be what you are not, let people love you for what you are. This is a clear indication that you are for him, unless he changes his reasoning.


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  • Well, may be he is the kind of guy who gives lots of importance to compatibility, say maybe he is expecting a woman who is 80% like how he is, so he need high compatibility and that could be the reason he is unable to accept you as you are.

    • The weird thing is he told me so many times wow you are just like me & how much of a turn on it was that i was so different from other girls he has been with in the past.

    • The weird thing is he stated more than once how alike we were & how it was funny how much we had in common and how similar our personalities were. Which is why this is super confusing for me.

  • He thought you didn't click and didn't want to waste any more time. If he feels that way, what should he do?

    In the early courtship phase, it sounds like he did some things that were misleading. He is certainly at fault in this regard.

    • He was very misleading. As he stated in the beginning how he was looking for a relationship and how different i was than other girls he's been with and how that was a good then. Then he sang a whole different tune, he stated to me that his friends opinions mean a lot to him. Which is what i think happened here, i feel as if he might have been heavily influenced in breaking things off with me because i was not like his friends. I put myself out there for him and was always in his element, he never saw me in mine at all. And i am a lot different once i get comfortable around people. So none of this makes sense.

    • If he is that easily led by his friends, he is still a boy and not a man. You have not lost much!

  • I agree with serious , some guys place lot of importance on compatibility. He needs a girl who is compatible with him in order to feel happy in the relationship. If he's not happy with you he won't want to stay with you.

    • If you refer to my comment for serious that will show you when i am confused. He stated we were a like in so many ways, had a lot in common. Maybe except for the fact that i was slightly shy and he was outgoing. Everything was going well between us and it seems as if he used this stuff as an excuse to get out of it

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    • Well the reason I asked about height/size is because I was wondering if he maybe felt intimidated by your ex.

      Maybe he thinks you still have feelings for your ex or that there will be drama. A lot of guys have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drama from past relationships showing up in the present.

      If he doesn't know the details about your past he might be thinking that youve slept around and have a habit for falling for bad guys.

      Whatever the case is, it doesn't matter. The fact of the matter is he's not interested anymore. It really doesn't matter if you think his feelings are justified or if he is wrong to write you off. He feels how he feels. The fact of the matter is he's not interested in you anymore and you need to accept that.

    • he knows I have no feelings for my ex anymore as i have moved on since him and have never gone back. he also knows i have not slept around as well, as he has stated to me multiple times how wholesome i am and how he appreciates the fact that i do not sleep around like other girls. I accept the fact that he's not interested anymore, now that i think of it he never seemed that interested in the beginning but he dragged it out and made it seem like he was. a few things were stated that made me feel kind of beneath him and that he was better than me. also when he ended it he stated that my ex was not a huge reason in his decision to end things with me, as it had more to do with me being shy around his friends. either way thanks for the input, i just feel hurt that i was never given a full chance to prove to him that it would not be like that. wish i could of supplied much more detail that happened but it seems not worth it anymore