If an ex wants you back, he/she will say it. Agree?

I see many questions here about people getting mixed signals from their ex, and most of those questions are something like "does my ex wants me back?" or "what are the signs of ex wanting to start over again?". Okay, I understand these questions, but I don't understand people who post opinions on that such as "he/she will still call you, text you, write you, ask you to hang out, show up on same places, etc." - do not believe in this bullshit, please. I got a simple answer for your question - he/she will tell you. Simple as that. No mind games. If an ex (who was the one doing the dumping) really and truly wants you back he/she won't have time or patiance to play mind games or to wait. I know this because I was in both shoes. You will simply know it. If you are not sure, then they don't want you back. Calling, texting and all of the above simply means they want to stay friends with you. FRIENDS. At least for now, which basically means until they find someone else, because yes, it's hard to end things for dumpers too. And it's up to you to take them as a friend. But don't do it in hope to get back together, they couldn't be clearer enough, they don't want the relationship - no matter what they do! Breaking up or getting back together is one of the rare cases where words mean more then actions. So please people, don't look for the "signs". There is no such thing, you will only be fooling yourself. Move on.


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  • Not always 💁🏻


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  • If someone truly wanted you, they wouldn't have let the relationship get so bad that it reaches a break up. Anything after the fact could be the ex not wanting to be alone or realizing what a good thing they had.

  • If he wanted you, then the relationship would have never ended in the first place