My ex will let me see our son but not my daughter?

We got married when she was 18 I was 20.
4 years later I wasn't working out for us and it was best to get a divorce! We had our son after we got married he's now 3 going on 4, she was 2 months pregnant when we got divorced. She's always let me have our son when ever I asked. Our daughter was born on the 1st of February, I was expecting to be there when she was born as she told me she would call for me to come with her, I didn't even know she was born 2nd! Because no one contacted me. So I called her she told me that she doesn't want me anything to do with her and that I can continue seeing our son but that's it, I'm so angry she's my child too I've not even see a picture of her and she's a week old! I don't know why she's doing this!
does anyone know what I can do?


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  • You should be allowed to see both of your kids just because you got divorced whilst she was pregnant doesn't give you any less rights than you would with your son. If you still try to reach out and prove that you're a good parent then perhaps get a lawyer. Maybe she doesn't want you to because you could not be the father? IS that a chance? Don't mean to assume


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  • She's probably just trying to keep you out of the baby's life because you two aren't together and she's probably looking for a new dad

    She doesn't want the daughter to be involved with you is all

  • go to a lawyer boy


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