Will he understand why I'm breaking up with him?

I haven't really been single since high school. I've always been in a relationship, actively dating, or looking to date. When we met I hadn't been in a relationship for a few months, and now we've been together 6 months.

When I was younger it didn't seem like a big deal. But I've been realizing, oh my god I lose myself in relationships.

I want to take some much needed time for myself. Finish moving in to my new apartment, write more, eat better, workout (get back in shape). Spend more time with friends, family, alone. Figure out what I really want. Not want in a relationship, but what I want with my life.

I'm not looking to date a bunch of people (anyone for that matter). I know I could permanently ruin things, but I think I'm going to start resenting him or get bored and definitely ruin things with him if I don't take this time.

Do you think he'll understand?


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  • just tell him you've been a relationship hopper and it's time you learn to live independently for a year. putting an end to the vicious cycle.


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  • He will only understand if you are honest with him, and tell him what you have stated here. He may be hurt , but it's best to be honest with him, than to string him along. That way he can move on , and find someone who appreciates him, and genuinely wants to be with him. :)

  • Most likely you'll end up regretting it. I've been there. Thinking that i'd be better off for myself breaking it up and realizing that I could've worked things out with myself while remaining in the relationship. You can do all those things while remaining with him, he can even support you. I wouldn't break it off if I were you. Like I said, i've been there, felt the same exact way as you, broke it off and ended up wanting him back and he didn't budge, he'd already moved on.

    • Is there a way to step back? I don't want him labeled as my boyfriend, I don't know why. He's away a lot right now and I thought it'd help but I'm liking how much time I have to myself.

    • I'd say take some time to really think this over. Let him come back before you decide and see how you feel after he's been gone away so long and you finally get to see him again. If you want to step back after that, do it. After all you gotta do what's best for you and not worry about him. Do what's in your heart, I just wouldn't rush anything because regret hurts. Good luck!