Girls, how does it feel to know your ex doing the same things with someone else now in bed that they once did with you?

How does it feel when you know your ex who you really loved sleeping with new love and doing the same things (same techniques) in bed that they once did with you? How does it feel to know your ex is playing with another body now the way he used to play with yours? Do you feel insecure? Does it hurt? Does it make you curious to know how their sex life is like?

This question is for girls but guys can participate.
When I say ex I mean an ex husband who you had a sacred bond with even if it was for a short period you still were in proper relationship and it wasn't some sort fling.


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What Guys Said 1

  • While this was a question aimed at girls, it's torture for guys who are still in love after the breakup. It's not a healthy thing to think about, but it's kind of therapeutic in that it kind of teaches you to accept that you never really "possessed" a person, only attracted them for a while, a "rental". You can keep the "rental" for a very long time, even up to the grave, if you stay attractive to them.


What Girls Said 2

  • Thinking about my ex doing anything that he did w/me w/another girl hurts a lot. Granted I have healed a lot since the break up, but it saddens me that more then likely most of the stuff that was done for me was fake and he never truly cared. When you think the person is "the one", it hurts like hell.

  • I pity his new girlfriend. I don't have feelings for any of my ex boyfriends, and I don't give a flying fuck what they're doing.
    The thought of my current boyfriend ever being involved with another girl makes me feel sick.