Im so heartbroken?

My heart is broken and has been for the past nine months. I miss him everyday. he's all I think about. he's off at college partying and couldnt care less about me. I bet I never cross his mind. How did things get like this? We were together for two and a half years and he said I was the love of his life. :(


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  • If you are unable to get over him on your own, perhaps you should seek help with it.


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  • You can't hold people for what they've said in the past, for whatever reason the two of your broke up, there's a reason why you are no longer together or back together. If he's out partying and apparently couldn't care less about you, its time you start putting yourself ahead of him, why put someone in priority when you aren't getting the same back, how are you letting yourself heal if you're constantly stuck on the idea of him and the past. You have to focus on the present and future because those are totally in your control. I know it hurts to have your heart broken but it will heal but you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop wishing things were different so you can make progress. Take a day at a time.