How can I handle this?

so me and my boyfriend just recently broke up, he came over my house to hangout, the night before I had something happen with a family member and so I was worried throughout the day, he also suffers with depression. So me having a bad moment and seeing me sad and him trying to comfort me I guess it worried him, asking himself if he could actually be with me... he said that me and him would continue to hangout for the day but then we needed to be friends after that. with his depression we've broken up 4 different times and got back together. this time it was very different; he said that he needed to be happy and that until he was happy it would be best for both of us to continue as friends. this for me is the weirdest thing to cope with. I'm so confused. He will post stuff on social media on how he can't take the pain of a heartbreak and also i will call him and he is surprised that I called. The main thing I am asking is, what am I suppose to do? I still love him and he knows that he said that he loves and cares about me and still wants to be in my life but as a friend until he can get through his depression. he is really depressed and days where he had bad ones we would fight because I was trying to be there for him. I still want to be there for him but I just feel like it will be weird and I don't wanna be a clingy ex and also an inconvenience... What should I do?


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  • I always advice COMPLETE separation after a break up... no contact AT ALL for at least a few months, before going back to being friends. Otherwise it gets confusing emotionally, you second guess your decision, and it takes much longer for both of you to get over the relationship and get to a point where you CAN be just friends.


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  • For now, I'd give him his space, since he wants it so bad. It's apparent that you want to be there for him, but you have to think about what's best and works for you, too. Depression is such a battle, and I don't know if it ever really goes away. There's good days, great days, but it's always still there, and I hope you understand that there's only so much you can do. So like I said, take some time away from him and his issues to worry about you and yours. Maybe things will sort themselves out between you two, but for now, just let it be.