How do I stop the temptation of consecutively check up on my ex boyfriend facebook?

We broke up since the the end of November of past year and since then I feel anxious all the time to spy on him, see what he's doing, who is he talking to, where have he been... I try to resist all the time but everytime I don't see his profile my anxiety increases... I am going insane with this and the worst is that he don't even deserve my concern once he broke up with me in a very nasty way and he's addicted to drugs... Anyone with similar experience? I just want to erase him from my mind!


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  • Delete him on FB

    • I have done it but he has no privacy settings on his profile so I can still see everything

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    • You're very welcome :)

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  • Delete and block him from Facebook and any other social media space where you can include yourself to his environment. Otherwise, get used to living an unsatisfying, miserable life dominated by anxiety and frustration.

    Here's the thing, love. What he does and what goes on in his journey is no longer your business. He is your ex. Whatever he chooses to do is no longer your concern. Pretending that it is will only delay your healing progress and keep you stuck in reverse. While he moves forward with his life and his heart begins to be passionate about other lovers, you will not. If you want to erase him from your mind then you'll have to follow it up with assertive actions that are going to make that a possibility. You can't just WANT to erase someone from your mind yet commit to e-stalking them. -_- Delete and block him.

  • You're not fully over him. seriously you need to block him or delete your fb account as you're only really hurting yourself by checking up on him. Go hang out with other guys and keep busy instead.

  • I had the same experience last week. My boyfriend broke up with because he had been talking to his ex. We had never had serious fights or anything yet that was his reasoning to end it all. Save your heard the pain and just block him out of your mind