How do I talk to a shy guy if I am shy too?

There is this guy that I like and I've only spoken to him twice. But these were really short conversations. I found out from my best friend that we have a lot of things in common and a lot of things about his personality make me believe that he is the perfect one. But I've never had a boyfriend before and I'm about to graduate from high school. Therefore I'm really afraid and I have no idea what to do about this situation. Everytime I see him I panic because I have never been so in love before. What do I do? I only have 2 days of school left. How do I talk to him? What's the first thing I say? How do I slowly show signs that let him know that I like him? I am absolutley clueless at this point. I need someone to love.


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  • I can understand exactly how you feel cause I'm a guy and I've been ( in your situation before. Shyness is like a disease, I hate it. You are already a step ahead of him though. Many shy guys (including myself) are modest and believe that they aren't really worth much to a lot of girls and therefore don't really try to talk. Don't be worried about him turning you down, because he probably feels the same way about girls he's had his eye on, but thought he'd never have a chance (which could include you). You'll never know unless you muster your strength, throw away all your fear, and tell him like it is. Its probably the hardest thing about relationships, but it gets easier. You said it yourself, you only have 2 days of school left so why not go for broke. Even if it doesn't go as planned, you won't regret not trying. There are always others.

    It would have helped if you had talked to him a little more, so you could connect with him rather than basing your info. from what your friends have said, but next time you see him just say hi and ask him about his weekend. If you were in class together, let him catch you looking at him and then smile. I know shyness is barrier, but you can do it.

    I wish you the best of luck!



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  • I'm going to be completely honest. forget about it

    You're going to college. 99% of high school relationships DO NOT LAST

    I can promise you will meet somebody when you go off to college

  • bite the bullet. If you make the leap, you can do it again. even if it doesn't work out. Do it once and you won't ever have the problem again. I disagree with the alcohol idea. Never use drugs or alcohol to enhance your social situations. It leads to bad things.

  • I am a shy guys so this will be easy to tell you. First just come up to him randomly start a short simple conversation about something simple like homework. Keep the conversation brief if a girl that I think likes me I start getting nervous if she talks to long because that means there are more plans involved. Next, leave him alone until the end of the day and just say something simple like see you tomorrow (insert name here). Next day, simply say hello and ask him if he could help you with some school work. After he finishes, helping you say thanks that was a lot of help, and like accidentally touch him on the arm or something like that. If it is the weekend coming up ask what are your plans for the weekend. He will most likely say something that is a lie or say he doesn't have any. In this case, be like I'm not doing anything either maybe I can call you are something. You don't ask him out this weekend. Just talk and chill he will start to get more comfortable. Give him personal complements especially about hair. Most girls don't believe but guys really put effort into their hair as well. Continue to build up the relationship during the week. On friday, ask if he has plans again, here is where you ask for a date. Good luck

  • 2 days of school left? I'd hate to say this because I'm a shy person too, but there are times that I have sucked it up and told girls how I feel and right now you NEED to do it too. you can't take it slow at this point so just go up to him and tell him about how you feel and how you've heard you guys are similar (don't just say you know, that will make you seem like a stalker) then say you'd like to get to know him to see if it's true and ask him if he would too. I know it will be beyond scary, but block out all fears of rejection and just realize how great things are gonna be if he says yes. Good Luck


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  • This one is illegal and probably my answer will be removed, but before you go to school, drink couple shots of vodka or martini (but don't over do the amount) This will relax your mind from being nervous and will bring confidence. Because it won't work if you're shy when you want to talk your feelings out. When you see him in school, tell him you wanna talk privately. Tell him what you need him to know. Remember, overcoming shyness is like overcoming fear of getting accepted into the good college or job. I've been through that, I know it. I did that thing will alcohol, it helped me with expressing my feelings, I just regretted later, because it was the wrong guy. Sure it's just my own thing and I nah I'm not some alcohol addict, just sometimes it helps actually. Good luck!