Should I just give up on my ex?

Want to keep this short. My ex and I have been seperated for over a year. I cheated on her and she found out. We started to get into some heated arguments and one day she had the neighbor call the police. I was so upset that I told her she had to leave. So she took the kids and left. Nothing physical happened and prior to this out arguments were not heated. She said that she did it because her ex had hit her and she was afraid I may do the same. We lived together for 8 years and have 2 kids. The thing is that for the over a year we've been separated we spend a lot of time as a family. We go out almost every weekend and have even gone on vacation. We speak daily either by call or text. Every nite she sends me a good nite text. Our communication is good, however whenever I bring up reconciliation she doesn't want to talk. She tell me that she angry at me and doesn't trust me. She said that she knows it's been a year but to her it feels like yesterday. Don't know what to do. Should I continue to be there for my family and show her my commitment. Should I give up and cut my losses. I have also gone to counseling to help resolve my issues. But she refuses to go to counseling. I know it takes time but I'm lost and need some advice.


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  • You cheated on her if I were her I would not trust you enough to give u a second chance either


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  • At this point just don't press the issue and be the best father you can and in time she may forgive you.