My boyfriend broke up with me and I'm devistated?

My boyfriend of 6 years broke up with me I'm devastated I feel like it's worse for me right now since I haven't been working for a month or so I have all the time to think ! He said he doesn't feel the same that's it's my attitude blah blah blah but he would be really mean to me say really hurtful things and never take serious conversations serious. Always doing the name calling so I said how do you expect me to react with a smile knowing you just called me a bitch. I texted him yesterday he said he misses me and us and everything but he doesn't think it'll work out again. I really don't know why I want him back so much since he wasn't all that great to me. He said he doesn't know if Ima change like if I was the major problem when I know I wasn't. Now today i texted him to see if we can have a face to face and he hasn't replied to anything I'm hurting so much h was my best friend despite everything he's said to me


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  • break up, sit down eat some pie and think maybe this guy is bad for you. Goget a better boyfriend, continuous improvement.


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  • ok , first of all sounds like has abusive tendancies. A week and a half ago, I went through hell, my lover left me.. I felt just like you darling but believe me you have to stop contact with him. I know its fucking hard, I know it is believe me. But, that's the only way for you to move on from this person, he sounds toxic and getting back with him or keeping touch won't fix the issue, it's just putting a bandaid over it. If you want to talk to someone feel free to message me i'm going through something similar too (a breakup)