He says he likes me...but doesn't text back?

On friday I went a party and got with the lad I have waited for for 6 months! He said he likes me.and wants something to happen between us.and told my friends he likes me. When I left the party I said I would text him. The next day I text him asking if he had a good time. Its Sunday night and he hasn't text back and I don't think he intends too. What does this mean?!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hi,

    Things in life tend to get complicated. I believe its up us us to simplify things in life.

    If I were you, forget him, you took the initiative which is very commendable and he didn't respond.

    There could be a million reasons (maybe even valid ones) why he didn't respond but the fact of the matter is, you tried, and he didn't respond.

    You can try and pull the "I don't know if you got my last message, blah blah blah" and if he doesn't respond to that one either forget him.

    It takes two to dance.

    Cheers !