Me and my boyfriend broke up violently?

After a long struggle with my ex we finally broke up after he attempted to meet a girl in which he didn't was my friend, at a motel after two hrs of meeting each other on Instagram.. we got into a verbal altercation i broke his phone which led him to physically attack me.. attempts to contact him felled and 1 mos later he still determined it was over and he really wished me the best.. tho i have many options im still deeply in love with him.. I'm a believer in astrology so lately I've got the urge to make contact with him.. what do you guys think?


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  • No matter what you believe, if it's over it's over. And even if it so happened that you two end up back together, knowing that he wanted to meet her at a motel and that he physically attacked you on top of how childish both of you handled the situation does not help with anything. It will cast a shadow over anything you guys decide.


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  • Well, for starters, astrology is bullshit.

    Beyond that helpful hint, your entire relationship sounds insanely dysfunctional. You both sound like you are a DNA test away from being on Jerry Springer.

    I would suggest you move on.

  • "I'm a believer in astrology so lately I've got the urge to make contact with him.. "

    this makes absolutely no sense. What does astrology have to do with this?

  • I think you should grow up.

  • Stop being a nutjob lol


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