My boyfriend broke up with me because we fight too much about him going out without me?

He goes out and drinks every other weekend and it's not just a few drinks, it's him getting shitfaced with his friends. We argue about it every single time. He broke up with me because "I can't let him loose sometimes." I fully understand that it's healthy to spend time away from your significant other and with friends, but not when you can't be responsible. He texted me right after we broke up and was like "You know I love you, you just can't be all in my case all the time." It was a lot longer than that, but you get he jist... I guess my real question is, why choose to go out and get drunk and be irresponsible at 27 years old instead of focusing on your relationship and settle down? How can I phrase that to him to make it sound more appealing to chose me and being happy over being drunk and not feeling good for the rest of the weekend?


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  • because his priorities don't line up with your expectations.

    • Well he's never going to be happy if he continues to drink instead of work to improve our relationship. He's already asking for me back, but he's asking for me to just accept his ways. Like, no. He needs to change his ways is what he needs to do.

    • well it seems he wants to do things his way and you want him to do them a whole nother way, you two don't seem like a compatible couple as of right now.

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  • I guess because he wants BOTH he doesn't feel like his actions with his friends to prove that he's not able to settle down. You're not suppose to be an option so if he "chooses" his freedom over you then it's done. Its the way he's going to be and he isn't going to change unless he wants to change, maybe he feels that something else is behind it like you don't trust I'm when he's drunk?


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  • This knucklehead is a lost cause. He's probably a borderline alcoholic and will someday hurt himself and/or others. I suggest you move on. There's a man out there who deserves you but this isn't him. Sorry.


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  • He pretty much goes out twice a month. I don't see why this should be a big concern , he isn't do it everyday. He's entitled to have his own enjoyment aside from you.

  • I guess that he doesn't want to settle down. You can't force him to be someone he isn't and isn't ready to become. Tough luck, honey.