Am I too late to fix things with my ex boyfriend?

I'm only in high school so I know it's kind of irrelevant but I'd still appreciate the help. So 2 months ago, my boyfriend broke up with me with absolutely no explanation. Very recently, he told a friend about his reasoning and it was a result of some miscommunication on my part. For the first month and a half he acted like he was still feeling things for me but now he tells me he has no feelings. However, I've tried to talk to him about what happened recently and he's been very sarcastic and angry. Today, I told him flat out "it's been he'll to have you disappear and act like you don't care." He said that he's had to put up with that before, so I deserve to as well. He's normally not sarcastic or rude to me, and I can't help but think he reacted that way because he still feels something. I still have hope that I can fix everything, but I'm not sure.


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  • I think it might be too late to fix things. It sucks what he did and how he disappeared on you. But at least you both talking again. I would give him space and not bother him to much. But it's up to you. Maybe in the future you and him can be together again.

  • Well, it's good to know that you have hope that you can fix things again. I hope you do.


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