How many second chances can you give them?

I have been with my now fiance for a year, I met her at my job where we both worked. About 3 weeks later I asked her out and we went on our first date. After being together for a month she broke up with me because she was having personal family problems. I accepted but after 2 weeks of not being together she asked me if we could, "talk." She told me that she made a mistake and shouldn't have closed me out and broke it off with me. She asked for a second chance. I accepted because I truly liked her even after we broke up. I understand how problems can sometimes be more than you can deal with. Anyways we got back together and we moved in with each other maybe 2 months later. After having a great relationship for 6 months she then lied to me about something someone had told her. I found out through my gut instinct and comforted her about the lie. She admit that she lied and I was furious! Why would she need to lie to me? And about something so foolish? Anyways I let it go and we continued our relationship. 10 months into our relationship we found out that we were pregnant. It wasn't planned but I love kids and I love her so I was fine with the blessing and excited! On our 11 months of being together she lied to me again about an ex boyfriend being where she was at. I'm not a jealous person unless you are trying to make me jealous so I have great self-esteem. I don't mind her around an ex because I don't feel threatened. I'm a great guy. Anyways I didn't understand why she had to lie to me AGAIN. Now we have a baby and I just don't feel the same way about her anymore. The lies, the deceit, feeling unappreciated? I don't know how much more I can take and I feel bad because now my handsome son has to be the one that has to try and understand this. It's not fair to him! I'm supposed to teach him how to be a man in our home

So I sent her to her moms for the weekend so that we could get some space. I miss her but unless things change I will still think about leaving.


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  • Apparently too many. I've tried for half a year now to call things off with my friends with benefits but no dice

    • Why is that? Are you afraid of starting something all over again? Because it is a lot but I'm already to the point of no return.

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    • I thought it went well. But as you said... too long ago. So obviously not lol.

    • Lol damn well that sucks

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  • I gave too many 2nd chances


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  • My ex and I dated for around 3 years. I lost count of the number of lies she told me, and frankly, stopped caring once I could no longer keep track of them. I decided to end things, since she wasn't the woman who I wanted to spend my life with.

  • This is one of the best ads for getting a vasectomy i've seen in a while

    • I know you are being funny but this is a serious matter so please keep your jokes to yourself. Thank you.

    • my apologies. okay, you need to talk to her and try to convince her that the truth will never hurt you as much as her lying does. The reason why people lie is because they feel that telling the truth will bring more harm to yourself or themselves. If you can create an environment where she is convinced that telling the truth is more in her benefit, she will do so (hopefully)