I need advice on moving on?

I'm in a dilemma. So about three years ago I was talking to a guy for about a year. It didn't work out between us, so I decide to leave him alone and move on. But he kept stalking me online and writing post about me. It was my source of entertainment. Now he's moved on finally, and he's in a relationship with a new girl giving her all that our relationship didn't work out for. I feel jealous. He doesn't write about me anymore, and he isn't on social media anymore. I'm afraid to let go off this attachment because I feel I'll have nothing to do with my life. I'll be bored throughout the day. Or I'll spend $5 a day on movies to be distracted. This is ridiculous and horrible. I would like to be free from this strain and pain. I feel i need distraction, but i don't know what fun and long lasting activities i can have throughout my day. I think it doesn't help the fact that I have no close friends to hang out with nor talk to...


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  • I can understand why you must be feeling jealous. I think you should not keep any contact with him, you shouldn't see what he is posting and so on. May be you should just go on a vacation somewhere.

  • Why can't you find a new boy to chase?


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