Can you be good friends with an ex partner if you both still have lingering feelings for one another?

Can you be good friends with an ex partner if you both still have lingering feelings for one another and are leaving the friendship open-ended because you don't know If you're ready to commit to this person again and just want to work on yourselves as individuals without loosing the opportunity of getting back with this person.


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  • Most definitely. The first girl i ever dated and had sex with ( i was 14) we are super good friends. I k8nda still like her and she still like me (she told me). But we think were better as friends because the sex was good but the relation sucked. No point of losing a good friend again.

    • isn't it hard to be good friends with someone you still have feelings for especially if they start dating someone else.

    • a lot of reading

      Well it all ended six years ago, and we werent friends at all for 3 years, didn't speak talk or nothing. My senor year i had half of my classes with her. She had a dude and i still liked her. But it ended because of me, and she was real cool. I like her as a friend and wanted to continue. But she came to me and confessed. Seeing me evey day that much made her feelings rise, And i had to shut it down because we werent meant to be and i didn't want waste her time ang she had a guy. So i said lets just be friends. Hard at first really hard but it a lot better now.

    • You can work on anything and make happen


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  • sorry but if you guys have lingering feelings for one another you won't be (EX).
    so not ready to commit to this person mean that you don't trust your feelings toward that person.

    • What do you mean by not trust your feelings towards that person?

  • I wish I can do it but I don't know how
    If we're over, we're over... I don't wanna ever see them, hear about them, or even think of them.. Specially when I still have feelings for an ex!! I've tried once and I only did it so I can win her back, she had a new boyfriend and she introduce me to him (I can't tell what I wanted to do to him back then)
    So it ended, even tho she was the love of my life.

    I just can't understand how people do it😤

  • no if we both have feelings for each other then i dont think so that we can be good friends.


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