Girls, My ex and broke up 3 months ago. We planned on getting married and children. We were each others 1st serious relationship and everything?

WehadtelepathyIveneverexperience before. we broke up bc I talked to a girl from work. My x found the texts and the other girl kissed me but I pushed her off. I told my x about this. my x moved home a hour away and it seemed there was a chance after I told her the truth a few days later. im not telling it here. So anyways my x let me take her out that day andnwenhad a good time no kissing or touching but thats fine. We texted the next few days and she went cold one day and stopped answering me. she said we would never have a chance what hurt bc I didn't really want to talk to this other girl. I tried texting once twice a week for a month. I called her from a random number she got mad yelled at me and said never try to contact her again. 20 days after that she unblocked me on facebook. I figured she thought I got the point. then she unblocked me again a week later. I know she loves me still but is fighting it. Im sure she is listening to her sister advice. Her sis like 25 I never seen her with a guy the 4 1/2 years with my x she lives with her mom still and likes it. she has tried convince my x to move back and has also told my x that my mom said somethin that she did not say. she changed my mom words up and my x really believed her. She even told my x go stay with his fam and let them take care of u then. When my ex moved into our fam house. so im wondering if there's a chance. my ex told me to change for myself not 4 her witch is true but does anyone think I can get her back


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  • She's obviously hurt by your actions. There must be reasons why she feels so upset and hurt. You'll have to give her time to come to terms with things but in all honesty, if I found out my boyfriend was chatting to another girl who later kissed him, I'd also leave because firstly the chatting that accompanies the kissing seems very suspicious and secondly, you shouldn't be IN the position to be kissing a girl either. If you are in that close proximity for a girl to kiss you without you being able to push away then there is some things that aren't being told because it's not normal to have someone "kiss" you when you don't want to be kissed.

    You can't make her come back. Time might but I wouldn't put all my hope in it. You messed up, now you have to reap what you sow.

    • I did push her off and i was only standing and talking normal proximity. Its not like it was a close call or slowly leaning towards eachother

  • If you loved her in the first place you would of never put YOURSELF in a position into where you damage your relationship like texting this girl in the first place now a days girls will be hoes even if you were being "friendly" she took it another way

    • I had to. You dont even kno

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    • If you do not mind email me jrramos1314@yahoo. It sounds stupid I know but its not what it sounds like. I dont feel comfortable saying here

    • See this will also get you I trouble also you need to stop putting yourself out there like that

  • Your ex is living with your family? That's either a good sign or a desperate girl.

    • No she moved in with us before we got our own place. She moved home a hour away. When I seen her I told her I was making my life better. She said to do it for me not her, whitch is right but she let me take her out that day. She stopped texting me bc I texted her at work a few days after the breakl. She said you never text me while at work, I work night shift and she used to sleep bc she worked mornings. I told her im not at work then texted her right after to say I really was. Since then she hasn't talked to me. Im really thinking its her sisters telling her bad stuff. Her mom wants to see us fix things. She blocked me on facebook since but on 29 march I called and she got mad saying to never contact her so I havnt. On the 20 of April she unblocked me on facebook to see what I was up to. Now she has blocked me again a week later. I think thats a good sign, she wants to see me doin better. i know she fighting the thought of me. She always finding more stuff that we interacted an del it

    • You need to move on. Get busy doing other things. If in the future You are single and she is too maybe you can work it out. But for now, focus on your own happiness and get her out of your mind.