Re-breakup I need tips?

My ex and I were thinking about getting back together but then realised that not enough has changed for it to work out, it probably would lead down the same path so we have decided to stay friends. I know this is the best thing and I deserve better then he can offer but I'm also struggling with it I really loved this guy and he broke me and the time I spent with him when we were considering trying again just came back like a tsunami not as strong as they once were but reminded me of why I felt so strongly for him. Now I have to attempt to get rid of them again... It sucks because I had made such good progress on myself these past 10 months we had split and now it feels as though I have to start over in a way... has anyone been through this before any tips would be great


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  • Since you said that nothing much has changed for it work out then I would suggest you shouldn't be friends with him either. I mean even after a break up nothing has changed for you to get back together then I am sure your friendship also suffer the same fate or won't last long if you decided to be friends.

    Moreover he is your ex now, so why do you care if you are friends with him or not? It's not a good idea to be friends with you ex.

    • We have mutual friends so I see him occasionally at social gatherings we don't really see each other or talk to one another outside of them.

  • What about staying friends but talking less?


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