How to get rid of heartbreak?

i was with this guy for 4 years and he broke up with me (he didn't say why) has been 3 months and there are days when I feel really down in the dumps...any advice please on how to make this process of me getting over him fast ... ( like don't call him , occupy myself , don't have sex with him ..etc ) ... help please ... I hate feeling like this ... I really loved him and he threw all of that away for no reason...


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  • He had a reason for throwing everything you had away. That reason was because he did not want to be with you anymore. That is all you need to know. Honestly, do you think a reason would make you feel any better? That's one of the reasons why people break up. They don't want to be with the other person anymore. Now, as for getting over it... TIME and LIFE. Stop thinking about him so much. Do things with your friends or family. Find a hobby to occupy your time. Get involved with something. Then with time you will find yourself thinking of him less and less and one day the hurt will be gone. But there is no magic pill or answer to fill the hole you feel. Only you can do that and it takes time.


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  • Are you retarded? Why would you be having sex with him in the first place if HE broke up with YOU. Unless that was an example, but that's a really poor one.

    HE left you, HE didn't love you. So why would you love someone who treated you like sh*t in the end. I believe you should reevaluate your "love" for him.

  • Don't sweat any reason why you think he might have broke things off with you( easier said then done, I know). Like most everyone else said, stay busy busy buys :) Don't forget to mingle with other people now, tho it may feel strange or like riding a bike for the first time again. I myself found mingling with friends and single females sometime after a breakup helped me move on the best.


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  • some things are jz not meant to be but this doesn't mean that everything will end, it may be soon or long for you to find love again but be patient my dear because even if you don't do anything love will find its own way. so my suggestion to you is go on with your life avoid things that will remind you of him. make ur self/look better be in love with your family/friends/job every li'l aspect of life and don't be afraid to be single :)

  • Keep yourself busy, go out with your friends, go clubing.. If he broke up with you, without a reason then its not meant to be. You'll find the mr.right, it just takes time.