He broke my heart. I moved on, but now he wants to intervene in my relationship. Okay?

We went to law school together, cgraduated before me. He then left me for a euroamerican girl... reason: even though we are both latino, hewAs not ready to get married, and i was too much of a traditional latina. I was broken. It has been almost 1 year, and i have since then been dating a really sweet cuban guy i met during my externship. We are thinking of getting married in the future. My ex found out through my cousin, and he is now messaging me and my boyfriend non stop saying i still love him ( ex). And the dumb thing is that he is still dating that same girl he left me for.


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  • Things are going bad in his relationship and he wants you as a backup plan

  • Never trust a lawyer... errrr... That is to say most lawyers.


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  • Its completely selfish to leave you for being the person you are (a traditional Latina) when so many guys would love a girl like you, and obviously you've found one that appreciates you. I would get in touch with his girlfriend and let him know about this , and If he doesn't stop, block him or let him know your contacting the police for harassment. your ex sounds like a piece of work