How am I conflicted out from using jag to get a divorce?

I want a dovorce my husband said he doesn't. and was like you go get the paperwork and he will sign but he will not going to pay for a divorce. I know he had a previous marriage when he was in the army and at the same duty station as me and got a divorce through them. Im in now and he is out and i triedto start my dovorce papers and they told me im conflicted out. So am i conflicted out because he went through them before?

Jag is a military lawyer
I you are not military or a lawyer then this question isn't for you


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  • Yep he got there first so you can't use them. He might have done it just to spite you. I think are able to see another attourney there if your husband consulted a specific one. I don't think JAG can actually file for divorce anyway, they can only provide guidance.

    • Jag just prepars paper work its just that jag is free

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  • What?

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    • @posted what does what meen the only different terms i used where conflicted out and jag and conflicted out is when basically i can't use a lawyer because that lawyer is on my husbands side or whatever apposing side of the argument is

    • No idea what JAG is, conflict of interest ah.
      You'd have 900% better luck asking someone there, finding a military/legal forum. I think there are even a few "ask a lawyer" sites. Probably won't do well on a relationship advice site though, anyways goodluck!


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  • No fucking clue what dafaq that is..

  • What does any of this even mean?

  • Why do your wanna get a divorce? Not happy?


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