Ex is asking for closure?

My ex has asked me to go for coffee to get closer but I thought we already got it 4 months ago when we discussed it? thoughts?


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  • It is a ruse to try to reunite.

    • if she plays along ---- then she shouldn't hear from him again. heh

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    • I don't know I don't think I want anything I was content with how it was at the moment.

    • You should decline the invitation or, if you feel that you owe him some conversation, tell him that you can talk on the telephone.

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  • I would say give the guy his closure of it was you that wanted closure wouldn't you want him to give you that?

    • Yes of course but the thing is we have caught up 3 times in the space of the year and a month ago that we broke up to get 'closure' and the most recent time which was a 4 months ago it was pretty closed- at least I thought so why is this necessary

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    • What's worse is the fact that he's the one whom initiated the break-up in the first place

    • He initiated the breakup? Oh he wants you back or he wants to k ow if you still think about him and he's playing games. Me personally I'm petty so I would show up looking irresistible see what he wanted and have a cute male friend near by and meet you at the coffe place make it seem like you have a date that will teach him to stop playing around lol but I'm petty like that 😂


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  • give him the benefit of the doubt and set aside 20 minutes for a cup of bad coffee.


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