The guy who gave up on me. ?

My boyfriend, whom I was with for around 8 months, gave up on me three days ago. We were great. We never fought, we had similar interests, we would talk and talk. we would hang out with his friends all the time, his parents loved me. Everything seemed to be a breeze. I was head over heels. He went to Thailand for a month and a half, and he kind of, changed. I don't know if this is because of Thailand, but when he got back communication was a little off, I would always ask if he was ok and he would say yes. I could see it in his eyes and his actions that something was off. It frustrated me, but yet I didn't say anything because I simply thought this would blow over. Nothing seemed like a big deal.. he still said I love you, we were laughing before all of this. The next day, bam. We finally have a talk in his car and he tells me he wasn't ready for this, he felt like we weren't a "team" (I thought we were a good team which confused the shit out of me) and that I recently said some things that hurt him. I was too opinionated. So he broke it off, deleted our pictures. And now I'm just a memory? I need a guys perspective on this. What I thought was love, was just a joke.


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  • He decided you weren't for him but he's made it your fault. Good riddance


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  • Maybe he slept with a ladyboy over in tailand and realised he actually likes men.