Ex Girlfriend deleted our pictures together from Instagram and Facebook, but still follows me on social media (after previously deleting me)?

We were together for six months and she dumped me a month ago, and have been NC for two weeks. I said some hurtful things too her sometime before she broke it off. She forgave me when I said them but the damage was done. A few days before she left me she was bragging to me (and on SnapChat) about this male coworker of hers but I brushed it off. I found out from a close friend that her coworker is actually my friend's cousin (we all know each other from Compton, small city) and that he was crushing on her. She told him she was going to break up with me after he hit on her (she turned him down at first). At first I thought she was cheating but we had a long discussion, and after I spoke with her "friend", he told me that he was not going to stop pursuing her. I told him to do his thing as I was convinced she cheated at the time. I told her that he and I spoke and she told me she only saw him as a friend and didn't want to date anyone. She gave me the let's be friends speech and I declined, I was not interested in a friendship and that I will walk out of her life COMPLETELY unless she changed her mind on dating me again (she said she didn't want me out of her life), she agreed but blocked me on social media. She later added me back on all social media, but I know she is still hanging out with her "friend". When her phone was off she immediately let me know and then when it was back on she called me to tell me it was on but didn't want to talk about anything else. Then tonight she deleted all of our photos but kept the ones with all of her exes from years ago. This guy she is hanging out with has a LONG history of cheating and taking advantage of women (I didn't tell her this). She knows exactly where I stand, so why would she still choose to maintain contact with me but delete our pictures? Before NC she would hit me up whenever she was with him. What should I do? According to him, her, and my friend she has him in the friendzone but he still wants to get in her pants.


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  • She would be with you if she wanted to. Move on.

  • Move on and stop trying to analyse her daft behaviour.


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  • Good riddance to someone who is just going to bring you down in life and add unnecessary burdens to your life. Get rid of her.