Why would a ex be spiteful?

Why would a ex be spiteful?

What causes an ex to be spiteful and vengeful towards their ex (hurtful)?


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  • Because they're a weak peace of shit?


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  • Some people cannot let go of a bad situation but feel that they must exact revenge on their former love. These are the same people who get arrested as a result of road rage incidents.

    • Disagree. I'm VERY likely to be involved in road rage, but I'm not a vindictive weenie.

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    • @ProbablyTooMature If that's how you see it. . .

    • Vindictive people get arrested for road rage.
      The only people who get arrested for road rage are vindictive people.

      Two different sentences, two different thoughts. You are not the only one who understands English. I write every day in my profession. Save your lectures on the English language for someone else.

  • I don't see any reason unless they were abusive to their ex, or the break up was very harsh and he wants to take revenge with his ex.

  • Insecurities. Feeling they were wronged so they want to wrong back.

    • OK. Thank u

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    • Aw, the tough old guy lacks the wits to argue so he blocks me. Pathetic.

    • Hey old guy, you really ought to go back to remedial English. Then perhaps you'll be able to comprehend those words you're typing. And with any luck you'll be able to do so before you slip into senility. You could have just said, "You're right, I meant..." But instead you decided to immortalize your ignorance. Good game.

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