Is he using me?

My live in boyfriend of two years told me about a month ago he needed a break after a fight. I have been staying with my parents and texting him still everyday. Every time I ask him when I can come home he says he isn't sure. He won't tell me he loves me anymore either. Lately he's been wanting to have sex and when I turn him down he gets mad and refuses to talk to me. Why is he doing this? Is he using me? Should I stop wasting my time on him?


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  • it seems to me having a break is about space and time for him to think about things. having sex seems like a physical urge he must fulfill so he's less stressed and horny effectively. I think having sex is a personal choice for you. 1 of 2 things will happen. 1 in this time he will remember how much he loves you loves holding you even smells ur hair on a pillow the next day etc. this may help you get back together. 2 he just wants to unload and get in ur pants and think. this can be bad he may just want to deal with the urges and think with a clear head. he may come to a point where he doesn't feel the same or he does want to be a live in boyfriend anymore and want to do or accomplish something else. I think you should give him some time like 3-5 weeks and after that show up for a serious talk and if he doesn't have anything start thinking or planning about your life without him. or you could have a good talk or you could help him find where he wants to go and things work out. either way it sounds like he may be on the edge of making some life changing choices for the better hopefully. and the sex is up to you it could help bring you together during this time or not.


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  • Stop texting him, stop everything, go on about your day. See if he gets in touch with you and asks why have you not reached out. If you don't here from him after a few days, I would reconsider the total relationship- needing space is one thing, but after a time period, it is all mute, they have probably moved on!

    • When I do ignore him/stop communication he gets mad! But if I text him wanting to talk about "us" he is annoyed. It's like I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.

    • Then for me it would be damned if I WOULDN"T any more! His actions are speaking... Ignore, move forward, and stop wasting your life. Live in the present and find someone who values you a lot more!


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  • Yes you should stop wasting time on him. Also, if HE needed the break, why the fuck is it YOU who moved out? Or does he own the house?

    • We both own the house. But I was asked to leave.

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    • Thank you. He makes me seem like I'm crazy.

    • Well, we ARE only getting your side of the story... But going off of that, no... You're not crazy.

  • Seems to me he is using you for sex. Actually he is using you for sex. What a douche bag. That is not even taking a break... I personally think you should break up. He has no respect for you. Sorry.


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  • He probably feels hurt because you needed a break. He will feel rejected.