Why did my ex like my picture?

Today my ex of almost a year liked my Instagram picture. He liked another one back in June/July. He never liked my pics when we were dating. Does this mean anything? I've been thinking of him a lot lately for some reason. You think he's been thinking about me to? Would you like an exes pic just because?


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  • He might have accidentally liked it, ot he wants you to wonder why he liked your pics and think about him


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  • I'm in the same situation as you, the only difference is that he is my ex of almost 2months. I would like to get an answer too!


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  • If he didn't like your pics while you were in a relationship but is liking them now, its because most likely he's trying to get your attention. If you're both single drop him a line...

    • I did like 2 days ago and he didn't reply.

    • Sounds like he's just playing it cool... you play it cool too. He may respond, he may not, but just give it some time. He may be afraid too...

    • Okay.. haha thanks