What does my ex want?

So my ex and I recently had a horrible break up after 2 and a half years of a long distance relationship. He ignored me for a couple of weeks and it drove me crazy. Our birthdays are days apart so eventhough it was over i wished him a happy birthday and he did the same. Now he would text me and when i would respond he would reply whenever he felt like it. We have a lot of small talk and really haven't talked about the relationship. At this point i really don't know what he wants. Im just always waiting for him to text me and reply because i miss us and my feelings are still there. Its not like I can talk to him about it cause when i tried he changed the subject


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  • Why do you care? He's an ex

  • Try to move on the best you can. If he only responds sporadically that means he isn't making anytime for you.


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  • hmmm... Focus on yourself. you see, men wants freedom. and if he feels that you're just waiting for his replies he'll feel that he completely get a hold of you 100% and will feel bored. Men wants to feel challenge but on the other hand if you want him back you can by doing "no contact rule" good luck

    • I've heard of the no contact rule but its just to hard to follow for me especially with the social media... How long should i do it for

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    • block him if necessary

    • do not engage